2014 Can-Am Spyder RT Review

Sunday, October 6th 2013. | Can-Am

Can-Am is great at keeping a secret. In the times of intentional leaks, supposed spy shots, and viral campaigns which trickle out info one spec at any given time, Can-Am surprised the cluster of journalists gathered regarding the press launch from the 2014 Can-Am Spyder RT when it announced it had built a brand new Inline Triple engine to power its 2014 RT models. This is much more impressive checking 1330cc Inline three-cylinder is 3 years inside the creating. Made by a similar company which builds its 998cc V-Twin, the engine is dubbed the Rotax 1330 ACE (Advanced Combustion Efficiency), as well as a variation from the ACE was 1st launched by parent company BRP within the snowmobile. The Rotax 1330 ACE was built solely regarding the Spyder aleven however, and there it was eventually prior to us, sitting low and forward within the stripped-down Spyder frame for many to discover in the launch, transversally mounted and mated to a brand new six-speed gearbox to boot. Yep, these Can-Am guys are full of secrets.

“It’s an enormous torque engine. Drivability was very our main concentrate to provide smoothness more enhanced management at low and high speed, ” explained Michael Tessier, Project Leader at BRP and lead Spyder engineer.
Can-Am mentioned the new powerplant was due partially to requests from owners longing for any torquier engine along with a lot of roll-on power. An Inline Triple appeared like an all-natural remedy, the 1330cc engine claimed that will put out 16 lb-ft a lot of torque compared to the previous V-Twin to reach along side 15 further horsepower. Idle and cruising speeds are stated as dropping too, along with idle speed going from 1400 rpm upon the Rotax V-Twin to 900 rpm upon the Triple and cruising speed dropping from 4700 to 3300 rpm. With those claims on your mind, we hopped inside the saddle from the 2014 Can-Am Spyder RT-S and went for any 90-mile ride with the Orlando countryside to sample the characteristics from the new Triple-powered Spyder.

New Rotax 1330 ACE engine
Our best touring engine ever, the new Rotax 1330 ACE engine is configured with three in-line cylinders. It produces high-torque response in every gear and 40% more low-end torque. But torque doesn’t come at the cost of fuel economy or CO2 emissions. Ride for up to 252 miles at 62 mph (406 km at 100 km/h)* on one tank. On top of that, ride more and spend less, thanks to the low vehicle maintenance. Even the sound it makes while on the road is unique and impressive, with the in-line configuration producing a refined, seductive quality that stands out from the motorcycle crowd.

New 6-speed Transmission
You can cruise comfortably at 3,300 RPMs with the outstanding ride of this new 6-speed transmission. The new Spyder RT is optimized to deliver a smooth ride for you and your passenger, thanks to its long-ratio sixth gear and new hydraulic clutch activation system with electronic pressure control. Pass through town without downshifting. Just relax and take in the scenery.

New ECO mode smart assist
Optimize your shifting behavior with the new ECO™ mode smart assist. Combined with the fuel efficiency of the Rotax 1330 ACE engine and new 6-speed transmission, it reduces your fuel consumption on long trips.

1200w Alternator
Get 85% more power for your electronic accessories. A new total capacity of 1200 watts, instead of the previous maximum of 650 watts, lets you enjoy more accessories on your Spyder RT.

New Comfort seat
Sit back and enjoy the ride with a comfort seat complete with lumbar support. It relaxes the driver’s knees and upper body, making it perfect for all types of riders regardless of height. It’s also driver backrest ready, so a foldable, color-matched backrest can easily be added.

Refined Front design and heat management
BRP engineers made room for the new Rotax® 1330 ACE™ high-torque engine by creating a new fascia design, intensifying the RT’s unique blend of elegance and power. BRP’s engineers also improved heat management by doubling radiator capacity and moving them to the front of the A-arms – away from the rider and passenger. The fans include a reverse mode that blows hot air away from the rider when traveling at a slower speed. This ensures more comfort for both rider and passenger.

New Sachs† shocks
The Spyder RT includes new shocks from SACHS, one of the premier manufacturers in the business. These shocks build upon optimum suspension geometry and create an incredible new standard. They feature a bigger piston diameter and better damping capacity, which gives you more comfort on bumpy, backcountry roads.

Driver Backrest for Comfort Seat
• Colormatch
• Enhances comfort over long hauls
• Folds to allow easy passenger access
• Removes in seconds to get back to original configuration (Also available for production seat)

Heated Comfort Seat
• Heated comfort seat with ability to slide in the new driver backrest
• Dual zone heating and individual control accessible to each user
• Dual range high/low heat setting
• Activated through stock passenger and driver heated grip controls

Adjustable Side
Wind Deflectors
• Regulate passenger and driver airflow
• 3 preset positions (closed, parallel and inverted)
• Easy, tool-less click adjustment

Tri Axis Ad justable Handlebar
• State-of-the-art adjustable handlebar reduces fatigue and delivers comfort for all riders, thanks to unlimited adjustment possibilities
• 3 different axes allow you to adjust the handlebars in terms of height and width, and forward/rearward
• Left and right bars are linked together and rotate simultaneously during adjustment
• Easy Allen key adjustment system
• Handlebar reuses existing production handgrips, comodo, electrical and clutch cables, and sits directly on the stock steering column

Akrapovic Sport Touring 3C Silencer
Innovative design. First hexagonal shaped silencers that created a storm in the industry
• The best materials. Premium titanium shell construction with carbon fiber end cap and heat shield render it 55% lighter than stock silencer
• The unmistakable sound of Akrapovic: deep, resonant sound like no other
• EPA, CARB and CE certified. Rigorous measurement, testing and quality control ensure silencers meet the most stringent standards

• Delivers smooth ride, thanks to the NEW hydraulic clutch activation system with electronic control
• Cruise comfortably in sixth gear at 3,300 rpm
• Gear ratios:
1st gear: 37 / 15 = 2.47
2nd gear: 32 / 17 = 1.88
3rd gear: 35 / 23 = 1.52
4th gear: 33 / 26 = 1.27
5th gear: 30 / 28 = 1.07
6th gear: 29 / 32 = 0.91
Reverse: -32 / 13 = -2.46

• Up to 252 miles (406 km), tested at constant speed of 62 mph (100 km/h)**
• Radiators moved in front of the A-arms
• Cooling capacity has doubled
• Reverse fan mode blowing hot air away from the rider
• Oil change at every 9,300 miles (15,000 km)
• Valve adjustment no longer required