2014 Indian Chief Vintage Released And Review

Thursday, August 29th 2013. | Indian, Review

Indian has released its entire number 2014 motorcycles. The 2014 Indian Chief Vintage were totally revamped and are fitted with high finish technologies but a comprehensive list of modern features.

All bikes keep their classic indian appearance, other then the 2014 Chief Vintage’s style is that the most oriented toward the company’s past.

The 2014 Indian Chief Vintage uses a beginning msrp of $20, 999 and has a large amount of handcrafted detail and fist category comfort features.

2014 Indian Chief Vintage

By the long list of features offered by your 2104 indian chief vintage you’ll notice quick-release soft-sided leather bags, leather fringe, vintage chrome badging by the front fender, chrome fender tips, but a quick-release windshield. You additionally get a tank mounted instrument cluster, whitewall tires and indian’s iconic valenced fenders.

Needless to mention to the point it shares all the standard features along with the indian chief classic and is powered by the very same all-new thunder stroke 111, efi unit that cranks out a peak torque of 161. 6 nm at 3000 rpm.

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2014 Indian Chief Vintage Specs

  • PRICE : $20,999
  • ENGINE : 1811cc
  • INDUCTION: EFI 54mm throttle body
  • TRANSMISSION: Six-speed
  • FRONT SUSPENSION: 46mm cartridge fork
  • REAR SUSPENSION: Single shock, preload adjustment


  • FRONT  :   Dual 300mm disc w/ ABS
  • REAR     :   Single 300mm disc
  • TIRES    :    Dunlop American Elite
  • FRONT  :   130/90B16
  • REAR    :    180/65B16
  • SEAT HEIGHT : 26.0 in.
  • WHEELBASE : 68.1 in.
  • RAKE : 29.0°
  • TRAIL : 6.1 in.
  • FUEL CAPACITY :  5.5 gal.
  • CLAIMED DRY WEIGHT   : 801 lb.

Why the 2014 Indian Chief Vintage and not, say, something sportier like a Scout? “A couple of different reasons,” says Gary Gray, director of product for Indian. “One is we did a lot of research on the heritage of the brand and where it left off in 1953, and looked at what consumers remember. The Chief is at the top of what people think about when they think about Indian Motorcycles, so that’s where you start. Two, as much we like to think about this as glamorous, and art and fun to do, it’s a business at the same time. When you look at the motorcycle market today, heavyweight cruisers and baggers are huge right now. So from a financial standpoint, it also looks really attractive. Those two things together drove me to say, this is the place to start, to use that as a foundation for the brand. Once we’ve developed a strong foundation, once we’ve heavily tied us and our consumers back to the heritage of the brand, we can look at spreading out from there.”

All of this showed in my first ride on the Chieftain bagger and 2014 Indian Chief Vintage, the latter with leather bags and copbike-style windscreen. I flew to a secret location. Okay, I flew to an airport (coughminneaopliscough), then drove to a secret location where the black bikes awaited, their identifying badges and war bonnets taped off for stealth. As if no one would recognize those valanced fenders.

My ride was short, but the first impression of the new 2014 Indian Chief Vintage models is that they are world-class cruisers at competitive pricing. In Thunder Black paint, the base Chief starts at $18,999, the Vintage at $20,999 and the Chieftain at $22,999. For Indian Motorcycle Red or Springfield Blue, price jumps $400. Final judgment will have to wait until we get testbikes, but the 2014 Indian Chief Vintage is legit. Where to next?

“I can really see the brand going anywhere and everywhere, and we want it to,” says Gray. “We don’t want the brand to pinned down into cruisers, baggers and touring like everyone probably expects. We want to go beyond that. That won’t be a quick process. It’s not going to happen next year, it’s going to happen over fives and tens of years.”

I’ll finish with a conversation that I had with the Indian crew and Polaris Motorcycles VP Steve Menneto over dinner after riding the new Indian. We had wide-ranging discussion about the industry, riding and the great big bet made when Polaris bought the brand, at which point the board told Menneto, “Don’t f*** this up.” After a pause in the conversation, Menneto asked me, “Do you think we’re making history? We’re so close to it, it’s sometimes hard to be sure.”

Yes, you are. This is not just a real motorcycle, but a great motorcycle that does justice to the name. Here’s to the next fives and tens of years.

2014 Indian Chief Vintage Released and Review